On Saturday 1st October 2016, I made my third visit along with the family to the South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria.
This place is a fantastic day out for the kids as well as adults.

The Zoo has over 1,000 different animals including the rarest and some of the most endaged animals in the world. This place is not like your normal zoo where all the animals are kept in enclosures, at the south lakes safari zoo theres a lot of the animals allowed to free roam around the zoo.

As well as the non dangerous animals you also have some animals such as big cats that are in there own enclosures, But with these in there own enclosures you can still see and appriciate them and especially around feeding time when the keepers place meat on the poles for the cats to come hut and jump upto get them.
They also give visitors the chance to feed other animals as you walk around such as hand feeding the giraffes.